About TMC

Technology Management Company, Inc. dba TMC Global Professional Services (TMC) is a small business that provides government and commercial clients the expertise and functional support they need to accomplish missions in challenging environments throughout the world.

TMC does this by providing:

  • Conference Logistics under NAICS 481111 488190 541930 541939 541990 561599 561990
  • Bioscience Capacity Building under NAICS 541714 541715
  • Construction Management under NAICS 561210 236220 237990

TMC is a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) – owned company. We are a small internationally focused company with a big worldwide influence. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, TMC has conducted missions in over 100 countries with legal registration and local operations in the Republic of Georgia, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Uzbekistan. Through a joint venture, we are also registered in Juarez, Mexico and Bogota, Columbia.

TMC’s international expertise and Project Management Professional (PMP)-certified professionals ensure the proper understanding of local laws, customs, and regulations, and make for smooth management of both routine administrative tasks as well as complex programs. As an interesting note, a TMC employee founded the national PMP chapter in the Republic of Georgia.

TMC has a significant history of providing logistics and support services in various sectors. Our work includes international travel and conference logistics for multiple U.S. Department of Energy laboratories, interpretation and translation services, and extensive logistical support for international activities in numerous countries. TMC has also been involved in global counter-narcotics efforts, working on the containment efforts at Chernobyl, and completing construction projects in challenging environments. TMC’s experience extends to supporting bioresearch, developing information sharing networks, and contributing to nuclear safety and counterproliferation initiatives worldwide.