Feedback Portal and Web Reporting Tool

Our TMC GPS feedback program and reporting tool is intended to provide stakeholders the opportunity to offer suggestions, ask questions, raise concerns, provide praise, or report a suspected violation of ethics, compliance, the TMC Navigator Code of Conduct, safety, or other TMC GPS policies.

TMC encourages our stakeholders to provide useful feedback and share ideas on how to make processes, communication, or other performance areas better. We embolden our stakeholders to prize honesty and integrity above all other core values.

Employees and non‐employees may submit information anonymously if they prefer. To do so simply make the corresponding selection below. When information is submitted anonymously, TMC will strive to maintain anonymity within the limits of company policy, ethics, and legal responsibilities.

Stakeholders may direct information to any or all recipients selected, and information received will be limited to those addressees selected, within the aforementioned limits.

Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, doc, docx. Max file size 3 MB.

TMC Management encourages employees to provide name and contact info so recognition may be given for a useful idea or questions may be asked to fully understand the issue, however providing your name and contact information is entirely optional.


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